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Old Mornings Dawn
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Oath Bound
For us the music of "Oath Bound" follows rather the same style as the last album "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame". The keyboards are as polyphonic and multi layered as on this release, and also the drums have the same style. The main difference are the guitars, which are this time much more dominant than before and play in a different style. Instead of the rather traditional staccato metal style of the last 2 releases, the guitars are not played in a much more relaxed arpeggio style, what gives the songs a more slow and more epic mood.

As the reaction of the fans showed us, we realized that this change of the guitar style had a much greater effect than we expected. Even old Summoning fans that still consider "Dol Guldur" as the best Summoning album ever, started to like this release much more than the other fans. On the other side, fans of "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" got disappointed.

Again we used self sung choirs for the album, but this time for 2 songs not only 1 song as on "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame". In contrary to this release i had much better equipment which enabled us create much more choir tracks so the result is a more realistic sounding choir.

1. Bauglir 2:58
2. Across The Streaming Tide 10:20
3. Mirdautas Vras 8:13
4. Might And Glory 8:26
5. Beleriand 9:27
6. Northward 8:39
7. Menegroth 8:12
8. Land Of The Dead 12:50

Lost Tales
This mini-album just contains two old songs from the times of Dol Guldur. One song was composed for Summoning (Saruman), the other one (Arcenstone) was meant to be for the dark wave project of Silenius called "Mirkwood", which was never released. The songs are not in high quality and just taken from the original tape were they have been recorded. A collectors item only, that we never meant to be a real release.

Originally we had two other cover layouts, which they wanted to use, but didn't get the permission by the painter's distributer.

1. Arcenstone 9:17
2. Saruman 7:40

Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
This release follows the conceptional line of "Stronghold", but also should be seen as a link to the "older Summoning". The new guitarstyle was kept, whereas the stronger keyboardparts of the older releases where brought back. In this release "Summoning" used a lot of word samples from different Tolkien broadcasts which from now on is a permanent aspect of the "Summoning" sound. For the first time "Summoning" used clear vocals in a kind of choir style on the last song. All vocals where done by silenius and protector by singing the tune plenty of times and mixing the tracks to a choir.

Since "Stronghold" Summoning also used lyrcis from other authors than Tolkien.

1. A new power is rising 4:07
2. South Away 6:04
3. In hollow halls beneath the falls 8:55
4. Our foes shall fall 7:01
5. The mountain king return 8:52
6. Runes of power 5:51
7. Ashen cold 6:15
8. Farewell 9:18

For most fans this CD was the beginning of a new Era of "Summoning". That means that most of the old fans didn't like everything new that came up of the band from this point on, but in contrary this release brought many new fans to the band who in contrary didn't like the older releases that much. This CD was released in a time when the black metal movement slowly faded and many fans, bands and followers moved to other musical territories. In contrary "Summoning" tried to hold their musical and lyrical concept, but nevertheless some renewals have been made. First of all the band stopped recording in "Hörnix Studio" and used their own home-studio instead. Second this release was much more guitar orientated with more compact keyboard-melodies. So "Stronghold" maybe could be seen as the most "commercial" album of the band. For the first time female vocals have been used (done by "Tania B" from "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas"). On this release "Summoning" went on to experiment with spoken word samples; in this case from the movie "Braveheart" again and "Legend".

What many people didn't recognize is that the intro melodie is the same one as the outro, but pitched down a few notes and manipulated a bit.

1. Rhun 3:25
2. Long Lost to Where No Pathway Goes 7:23
3. The Glory Disappears 7:50
4. Like Some Snow-white Marble Eyes 7:20
5. Where Hope and Daylight Die 6:29
6. The Rotting Horse on the Deadly Ground 8:26
7. The Shadow Lies Frozen on the Hills 7:01
8. The Loud Music of the Sky 6:48
9. A Distant Flame Before the Sun 9:00

Nightshade Forest
This release (for the first time) was mixed in a studio somewhere in Swiss. The production brought some good aspects in cause of the reverb, and hard drum-sound, but unluckily "Summonig" made some bad mistakes with the guitar-sound. In this release for the first time sound samples have been used (in this case battle-sounds from the movie "Braveheart" in the song "Flesh and Blood"). The songs are missing songs of the "Dol Guldur" session both CDs are connected, and should be seen as one CD.

1. Mirkwood 9:45
2. Kortirion among the trees 8:50
3. Flesh and blood 7:54
4. Habbanan beneath the stars 7:13

Dol Guldur
This record is until now the best selling album of the band. Along with this release for the very first and last time promo posters of the cover have been made which are now very desired fan-articles for the die-hard collecters. The last song "Over Old Hills" is completely based on a song on the first "Ice Ages" CD (the dark, electronic project of Protector).

"Minas Morgul" and "Dol Guldur" have been recorded at "Hörnix Studio" in which also "Abigor" and "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas" have produced their first outputs.

Some lyrics have been done by P.K. of Abigor.

1. Angbands schmieden 3:30
2. Nightshade forests 10:48
3. Elfstone 10:51
4. Khazad dúm 10:58
5. Kôr 11:00
6. Wyrmvater glaurung 3:05
7. Unto a long glory... 9:37
8. Over old hills 8:58

Minas Morgul
For the band and for most of the fans this album was the secret debut album. Within this release everything what the Summoning-sound is meant to be, found its origin, and so this release brought the band to a larger audience. This album contains both songs of the promo tape namely "Lugburz", "Dor Daedeloth" and "Dagor Bragollach" (on the promo tape this song was followed up by guitars which we droped on the album). Most of the lyrics have been lost.

This album is still one of the most important releases of the band so far.

1. Soul wandering 2:32
2. Lugburz 7:15
3. The passing of the gray company 9:16
4. Morthond 6:44
5. Marching homewards 8:11
6. Orthanc 1:39
7. Ungolianth 6:37
8. Dagor Bragollach 5:05
9. Through the forest of Dol Guldur 4:47
10. The legend of the master-ring 5:27
11. Dor Daedeloth 10:16

This album contains most of the demo-songs, but highly rearranged. Most of the basic riffs have been composed on bass-guitar, while Protector added the other melody-lines on guitar. On this album keyboards have been used, just as accompaniment, and not as the main instrument, like on the following releases. An interesting fact is, that the basic riff of "Where winters forever cry" was composed by Trifixion. This song was one of the highlights of this CD. But all in all Trifixions drum playing was not satifying and his more and more outcoming ego-trips forced the band to kick him out, so that Summoning was free to develop his very own style. In contrary to the follow up releases, this album was not produced at "Hörnix Studio", but in our session room by a guy whos name doesn't play any role. In this case "Summoning" had to remix the album at "Hörnix Studio".

Most of the lyrics have been done by Pazuzu; he also did the spoken vocals on "Dragons of Time" and "Through the Valley of the frozen Kingdom". Most of them have been lost a long time ago.

1. Grey heavens 1:44
2. Beyond bloodred horizons 3:42
3. Flight of the Nazgul 7:16
4. Where winters forever cry 4:08
5. Through the valley of the frozen kingdom 6:30
6. Raising with the battle-orcs 5:44
7. Master of the old lure 4:14
8. Between light and darkness 3:34
9. The eternal lands of fire 3:46
10. Dragons of time 6:01
11. Moondance 4:46

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