Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition to 200 Gatefold Copies in GOLDEN 180g Vinyl and Etched Band Logo on Side B. Austrian Black Metal Classic

Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition to 300 Gatefold Copies in GREEN 180g Vinyl and Etched Band Logo on Side B. Austrian Black Metal Classic

herer are the links to napalm records concerning the new vinyl.

Photo of the female speaker Erika Szücs of the elvish words in "Evernight" and "The white Tower", and the orkish words in "Redhorn" added to the pictures section.

Other photos follow soon.

Silenius has done vocals for 2 classic Abigor songs, which are about to be released this week:

Supreme And Immortal limited and numbered gatefold 7” featuring Soil Of Souls and Supreme And Immortal (from an unmixed 1997 tape, new vocals by Silenius) first 200 include a CD featuring Silenius´ first Abigor rehearsal May 1994 grey T-Shirt Supreme And Immortal (front & back print, logo on sleeve)

Originally Supreme And Immortal was intended to mark ABIGOR’s 20th year of coating the earthly soil with Satanic Black Metal, yet facing the many disgusting ´anniversary´ releases and concerts, the group prefers to just take it for what it is, an old original rough 1997 ABIGOR recording, where Silenius has breathed (or should we say roared) new life and sense into the reworked lyrics of the original hymns.


Here a short outlook of Summoning releases fort he end of this year:

1) Nightshade forests-Lp-200Gold-300Copper
2) Oathbound-Lp-200Gold-300Forest green

Both releases should be out on 29.11.2013.

As we mentioned some time ago, the Summoning facebook site is not done by ourselves. Hopefully this will change soon. We try to get administration rights, so that we can post regulary and have the possibility to get in direct contact with you the fans.

Expect some news from us soon.

Because of private reasons and a huge lack of time we are sorry to say, that the relaunch of our homepage will not happen until the next months. We apologize for that and try to give you newest information as soon as we are ready to work on it.

Today we have finished the work for the earbook edition of "Old Mornings Dawn". After all it turned out to be a more and harder work as we expected, but now as the end has come we are really satisfied with the result. In contrary to the first box-set edition which was created and designed by napalm records, this time we got the opportunity by the label to make the complete design by our own. The result is an 24 x 24 cm sized earbook of "Old Mornings Dawn", including the two bonus tracks, and alternative cover layout and a 24 pages booklet. This booklet contains different paintings in the style of the original booklet, late over separated different backgrounds and added by selected parts of the lyrics.

Further the box-set will include a golden 7 inch vinyl with different versions of the songs "Old Mornings Dawn" and "Caradhras". Both songs will only be available on this edition and not, as originally planned, on the vinyl release of "Lost Tales" in near future. Protector added some new drums and sounds on "Old Mornings Dawn", and "Caradhras" will include some missing lyrics in the black speech from the song "Mirdautas Vras", performed by "Erika Szűcs" and some new backing vocals by Silenius.

Both versions come alone without the original vocals and guitar lines and are mixed in a new way.

In the end of the year the label will continue with the presentation of some new vinyl editions of the back catalogue. More information about this soon.

Deepest respect goes to sonofavestal and 22valkyria for their fantastic fanmade videos
On you tube. We salute you.

The Abigor single "supreme and immortal is the art of the devil" with Silenius on vocals will be released on avantgarde music soon, more information about this release is available here:

This earbook is limited to 500 copies. To keep it as exclusive as
the two diffrent song versions of “Old mornings dawn” and “Caradhras”
will be avaliable only on this release and nowhere else again.
No repressings – no further editions.

The pre-selling of the "Old Mornings Dawn" earbook-edition starts in the next days.

Due to some irritations of fans concerning a fan made facebook account of silenius, we want to state once and for all: Neither silenius nor protector are on facebook, myspace etc. the only official summoning homepage is the only official summoning facebook acount is (even this page is not done by ourselves, but people who are standing close and have the right to do so). All other homepage or facebook account dealing with summoning, protector or silenius, are fan-made sites and therefore not under our control.

After a series of different limited versions of vinyl and the limited CD box set from "OMD" we are still busy with working for the conception of the earbook edition and the different versions of the songs OMD and Caradhras (btw. that's the reason why the relaunch of our homepage is delayed). This edition will be the final and ultimate version of OMD and limited to 500 copies. The new cover of this release can be seen on the Napalm Records page soon. After this we will come to an end. There wont be any new editions of OMD and of course no repressing of any limited version. Then only the unlimited CD jewel case without the bonus songs and the black vinyl with the bonus tracks will remain available.

In the following, we want to give you a short outlook of all planned releases concerning Summoning during this and the next year.

As the Summoning boxset, limited to 1000 copies, was sold out pretty fast and won`t be repressed, Napalm Records is planning an ultimate earbook edition with different cover artwork, a 24 pages booklet, the CD with the bonus tracks, and a special 7 inch vinyl with acoustic versions of the songs "Old Mornings Dawn" and "Caradhras".

In the end of this year “Nightshade Forests” and “Oath Bound” will be released on vinyl.

Next year the “Lost Tales” EP will be releasd on vinyl. This edition will be a 10 inch including the two remixes of the before mentioned earbook.

There are also about six unfinished and therefore unreleased songs from the “Old Mornings Dawn” session, which we will work on as soon as possible and hopefully are able to release them only on vinyl (maybe including a download code)in the middle of 2014.

In the end of next year, when everything is said and done, and all works are finished and released, the forgesse will get cold again,and we will rest at last. Then Summoning will fall asleep again for a longer time, until a new dawn is rising...

The lyrics of the new album are online. You can read them in the lyrics menu.

Some years ago a tribute compilation entitled "And in the Darkness bind them" was released by the label "Echos of Koliba Productions". Meanwhile it seems that there are some more tributes around: "Summoning - a tribute to Summoning", another one is called "Memories from the Middle Earth" from the band "Müldeponie". There also exists a 10 inch vinyl edition called "Minas Morgul" from the bands "Nachtmahr" / "Psychomantum".

In the end of the week we will present you all lyrics from "Old Mornings Dawn" and in the end of the month we hopefully are able to present you the new designed homepage.

Hail to thee, praetorians from all over the world, who have not forgotten us through all those years of silence and agony. We think it is time now to bow our heads and salute you for keeping our music in your hearts. You are the fire and sword in this dark millennium.

Fiith-sur-ulu taar hluthu zholugaz
Dal shosvart zulukh naakh-shi
Szaug-izg zaug narku
Zort ghaamp - Uzg-izub

Cold spring Records has released a new label compilation named "Thrones". It contains a "Kreuzweg Ost" song of the last album.

The new teaser for the Song "Old Mornings Dawn" is finally available. You can watch it here.

You can also already preorder the new album as well as the LP versions of "Dol Guldur" at Napalm Records.

As Napalm Records wanted to integrate some pictures of the final products, the release of the teaser had been hold back for some weeks, but will be online during the next few weeks.

Some words about the final products of Old Mornings Dawn; there will be three different editions:
A regular and unlimited jewel-case edition, a double LP edition (including the two bonus tracks) and a strictly limited box set edition. The box set will include the jewel-case edition of the CD, including the two bonus track, a flaming eye-patch, a flaming eye banner, and a summoning logo necklace. The latest information we got about the release date is the first week of June.

We also will release a new version of our homepage before the release of the new CD (including all the new lyrics of Old Mornings Dawn).

After Stronghold, Let Mortal Heroes Sing You Fame and Lugburz now Minas Morgul will be released on vinyl by Napalm Records.

Summoning - Minas Morgul:
Golden Vinyl + Poster (Limited to 200)
Blue Vinyl
Beide Versionen

Due to Abigor´s 20th year of existence, Silenius, who was the original Abigor vocalist of their 90s albums, recorded the vocals for a special version of a "Supreme Immortal Art" song. This will manifest as special release soon. More in the near future.

So it is done finally. Today, after seven years of silence we have finished the work for our new album "Old Mornings Dawn". The master tape is on its way to Napalm Records. As soon as they fix a release date (which is probably in may), the one minute teaser will be on-line on their homepage. We think this will happen during the next days.

The new CD will consist on 7 songs and one intro. Here is the track list of the forthcoming Album.

1. Evernight
2. Flammifer
3. Old Mornings Dawn
4. The white Tower
5. Caradhras
6. Of pale white Morns and darkened Eves
7. The wandering Fire
8. Earthshine

We also have finished two bonus tracks called "The Darkening of Valinor" and "With Fire and Sword". These tracks will be on the limited CD version and on the LP version. The first track was originally supposed to be the intro of the album, but later was reworked into a instrumental track; similar to those on "Lost Tales". The second one is the missing song from the "Oathbound" session; just a little bit reworked.

During the next weeks we will make a relaunch of our homepage. So take a look up and then.

We have finished all vocals and choirs for the new album. This means that we slowly come to an end now. Until the end of the month we have to finalize the sound, the booklet and the two bonus songs. This time we also have an English speaker who contributed with some spoken words for two songs. At the end of this month give the master CD to napalm records and fix the release-date which probably will be in march or April.

The cover for our next albums "Old Mornings Dawn" is ready:
Old Mornings Dawn

Last month we recorded all the guitar riffs for the new album, and Protector recorded already his vocal lines. Silenius will do his vocal parts in the next weeks.

We replaced the original intro with a new one (which has a stronger intro feeling), the old one will be transformed into an instrumental track, which maybe will be used as a bonus-track together with the missing song from the outbound session.

The new albums will be entitled "Old Mornings Dawn". A one minute teaser is in progress and will be available on the Napalm Records homepage soon.

Summoning on Vinyl - Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame

All Articles:

Golden Vinyl:

Yellow Vinyl:

In the end of this year, Napalm Records will release Stronghold and Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame on vinyl. Both releases will be double vinyl editions with signed autograph cards. This month Protector will record the guitars for the new album while Silenius is working on the lyrical concept.

As soon as possible Napalm Records will put a one minute trailer to advertise the new CD on the their homepage, that hopefully will happen around December.

In the end of the year we will make a big relaunch of our homepage, featuring pictures of all the missing releases (LPs, side projects, t-shirts), a reaktivation of the forum and a tribute section where people can link their summoning covers. But of course at the moment the work for the album has absolute priority.

We now have finished the composing and selection process of the songs for the new albums (7 songs and one intro). All songs that did not find the way to the album will hopefully be released on future limited releases. In the next months we will record the already composed guitar lines and work on the lyrical concept of the album.

We also collected some paintings for the new album and will work on the visual concept from now on. We hope to be finished with everything untill the end of the year, so that the album can be released by Napalm Records in the first quater of the year 2013.

We also have the news from Napalm Records that in the end of this year there will be a vinyl release of some older Summoning releases. More details soon.

Summoning T-Shirt:

Summoning Zipper:

Summoning Girlie:

For all nostagic: Summoning - Oathbound was published as a 100-copies limited edition under the polish label "Werwolf Promotion". You can find the photos of the layout here.

The Cover of the last "Kreuzweg Ost" CD "Gott mit Uns" can be found here. Anyone who is interessted can vist the facebook-page.

Napalm Records is working on a LP release of "Stronghold" and "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame". More infos about that in a short time.

After a longer winter-sleep summoning is back again and ow works constantly for a new release. We promise that in the near future we will regularly update the homepage again, so it will we worth the costs to check the page in regular intervals.

The present situation of Summoning:

In the past years we have worked on new material just very rarely because of different reasons (partly personal, partly being not motivated enough) but since the last months ,we intensified the work for new material and realised, that the old spirit is back again and we are very motivated for a cool new release and we are very committed in every terms of composing.

Meanwhile there are two songs which are fix starters for the album. 4 or 5 songs are in a more advance state and we composed riffs for at least 10 or 15 songs in a very early state. Btw. we still have one finished song from the last oath bound session which also will be in one or another way. so probably this time we are in the luck situation that we have more songs left, so maybe there will be some special limited fan releases beside the normal release, but this is of course just a wish right now.

We hope that until the end of this year most of the material for the new album can be finished. In the moment we have no concrete conception about the lyrical concept. All we can say right now is, that Summoning is still alive and middle earth will awake again.

The new Kreuzweg Ost release “Gott mit Uns” is finally out now on cold spring records. Those of you who are interested in this release please check out the official cold spring homepage:

Cold Spring Records

There are two news

1. The label " Temple of Darnkess" has release the LP version of "Nightshade Forest" mini-cd

2. The new " Kreuzweg Ost" named "Gott mit uns" will be released on " Cold Spring Records"

Not new but still fresh:
What we forgot to mention during the last months is first of all the LP release of "Oath Bound" which was released on "Temple Of Darkness" last year. Its a double picture vinyl with a gate fold cover; just for those who are interested in vinyl releases.

The second thing we forgot to mention is the Summoning tribute compilation that was released under "Echoes of Koliba Productions".

The new "Amestigon" CD with the title "Sun of all Suns" where Silenius did session vocals for one song again surprisingly will be released on the Austrian label "Hau Ruck" in the end of the summer. The "Hau Ruck" label is known for more experimental music in the fields of industrial, so this will be the first black metal release on this label.

For the very first time there is a vinyl edition of the last "Summoning" album "Oath Bound" on "Temple Of Darkness" records, which also did the "Summoning" vinyl boxset and the "Lugburz" LPs. The LP comes as a double vinyl with a gatefold cover with 2 picture vinyls, all the lyrics on the inner sleeve and a poster. Fotos of it can be seen in the next days.

Silenius has done session vocals for one song of the forthcomming Amestigon CD. He also is in the finishing process of the new Kreuzweg Ost CD which hopefully will be released in the middle of next year.

To avoid some commun confusions concerning the present situation of summoning; here the actual state. Protector has already made 7 song fragmentents for summoning. For a while there were plans to make a mini CD with 4 songs done only by Protector with no contribution of Silenius, because of his work on “Kreuzweg Ost”, but meanwhile Protector decided to wait for Silenius and concentrate on his other projects and use the fragements for the next complete album.

Photos of the LP-box are uploaded.

The new homepage of protectors industrial darkwave project Iceages is finished.

A few months ago the label "Temple Of Darkness Records" contacted us about a summoning 5-LP box. Finally this box set is released under the name "Sounds of Middle - Earth" Temple Of Darkness Records.

To answer a questions i read about that release: This LP box was not released under "Napalm Records" because they don't deal with vinyl releases generally, and already collaborated with that label before.

To avoid confusions, this LP box has got nothing to do with the CD box set we talked about before. The idea of a CD box set was given up some time ago.

Tabs of Summoning songs are now online on

This info is for all the people who asked me for guitar tabs of summoning songs.
Today i realized that all of the midi tracks for the guitars of the songs from "oath bound" don't exist anymore, so i can not transform them to guitar tabs. After i played and recorded the guitars i deleted all the midi files of it. but the chance is quite high that guitar tabs will appear on MetalTabs soon. I post any news concerning this topic.

Yesterday i (Protector) wrote an email to youtube in order to tell them to remove certain videos showing nazi-propaganda and using Summoning music for it. This finally brought me to the decision to recapitulate all the statements i know that show clearly that the music of summoning as well as any kind rock or metal music are in contradiction to such ideologies.

So for now and for the future. any person can use Summoning music for videos as long as they are not used for political propaganda and specially not for nazi-propaganda.

Here are the reasons why i never will accept such ideologies in connection to summoning.
Political Statements

New audio files are uploaded: The Summoning song done for the napalm records compilation "With Us Or Against Us" to the "Summoning" demo folder, 2 Summoning demo songs for the Lugburz release, and a "Grabesmond" song.

Tommorrow (Sunday 12th) an audio interview with Protector will be broadcasted on Metal Cast. Begin 18:00 GMT

New mp3s are uploaded to the MP3/Summoning Demos/Minas Morgul folder.

The new "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas" Die Verbannten Kinder Evas CD is released.

The mixing and mastering of the new "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas" CD called "Dusk And Void Became Alive" is finally finished after such a long time of deep trouble. It will be released on tze 03.11.2006 under "Napalm Records".

You can already check the short version of one new song from the forthcomming CD.

More detailed comments about the new release can be found in the Summoning Forum

Generally new songs are far more polyphonic than the songs on the previous CD "In Darkness Let Me Dwell" and with much higher female vocals (done by the new singer "Christina") than before, but as dark as the previous ones.

Yesterday i (protector) remixed the new summoning song, that did not have space on "Oath Bound" and which is planned for the next mini CD. Finally i switched completely to a software-sampling solution (without using my old hardware synthesisers anymore) so that for all future summonings songs we have much more freedome in sound than ever before. Also a self sampled choir sound (done by silenius, a female voice and me) is used for this song.

Still there is no name for this song existing.

The Napalm Records DVD "The Realm Of Napalm Records" with videos and songs of Napalm Record bands was released today.
One of our songs "Mirdautas Vras" was used as background music in the menue, and on the bonus audio CD the short version of our song "Land Of The Dead" can be heard.

The last missing infos have been added.

Forum and Mp3 menu icons added. In the mp3 folder you can find rare demo mp3s that we never released.

The page is finally online again.
Still some pictures are missing, no interviews yet and the biography needs to be completed.
This will be fixed in the next days.

For now the page is just optimized for Firefox, there are some problems with Internet Explorer

Menu icons done by Arkan Von Greifenstein (check the Greifenstein link in the releated bands section)

After problems with the database we decided to start to reprogramm the Summoning homepage again

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